Since 1982, Arkoma Energy Services has been providing transportation of equipment, materials, and drive away/tow away services for the oil and gas industry throughout the United States. With our large fleet of trucks and trailers, we operate more than 6 basins in 4 states, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The diversity of equipment and locations ensures that Arkoma Energy Services always has the proper inventory to meet even the most complex customer needs. Partnering with Arkoma Energy Services means you will receive the prompt personal service and quick response you expect and deserve.

Arkoma Energy Services has the equipment, operated by certified drivers, to move heavy and oversized loads. Our drivers are Class A CDL and hazmat certified, plus have the necessary experience to handle most any transportation challenges.

Arkoma Energy Services preventative maintenance program, insures our equipment is ready to go, trouble free, to your desired location. We will even handle the permitting for your company.