Safety is our #1 Priority!

At Arkoma Energy Services, Safety is stressed from start to finish. As a provider in moving customers’ products and people, safety is our #1 priority. Special training classes are provided to our staff and drivers to insure that all rules and regulations are up-to-date and followed. That means Arkoma’s safety procedures insure that everything is checked and ready to go before any movement occurs. In addition, our driver hiring policies guarantee drivers undergo a continuous “Quality Check” procedure to ensure the safety of products and people from the moment they are picked up to final delivery. We also require our drivers to have 2 or more years of driving experience with an emphasis on oil field services. Our safety records speak for themselves and we’re proud of our outstanding compliance and safety.

Journey Management Process

Arkoma Energy Services feels the Journey Management Process is a major component to ensuring on time performance which encompasses all the critical aspects of the Journey including safety, reliability, compliance and emergency response. It’s a culture that we develop with our drivers and dispatchers from day one and without exception must be followed on every journey we take. The Journey Management Process starts with a pre trip driver interaction with managers and dispatchers that cover all aspects of the journey which are as follows:

  • Type of vehicles involved in the journey
  • Type of loads being carried- Hazmat /Non-Hazmat
  • Route to be taken and potential road hazards
  • Pre Trip Equipment Review
  • Pre Trip Personnel Review including safety equipment and clothing
  • Customer expectations
  • Communications plan
  • Emergency Response Plan

Our mission is to deliver on time without harm to personnel or the environment and fully compliant with DOT and Company policies. Journey Management Process is paramount to accomplishing these goals.

We’re experienced with Hazardous Materials:

Arkoma safely ships hundreds of Hazardous Materials loads monthly. The shipment of Hazardous Materials has become an ever-increasing and ever changing concern. We offer a Hazardous Materials training course for all our drivers that keeps them informed of these changes. We also maintain a Hazardous Materials Response team on call 24 hours a day.

Arkoma Energy Services provides more than excellent customer service, safety is stressed from start to finish to keep safety our #1 priority. Training classes are provided to our Staff and Drivers in order to ensure that up-to-date rules and regulations are followed. Click on the link below to see our safety records.

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